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What is Malware? First it will be good to known that what is Malware? you may probobly have heard Malware , virus , trojan etc type words :).Well malware is one general word used for hostile software which include viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, ransomewares, adware , scarewares and other all sort of malicious software and scripts which can effect your computer in someway or other ways. What is Useotools Google Malware Scanner? Useotools online Google Malware Scanner is free online tool which check your website for malware's through Google Malware scanner. Google is search giant which maintain big database for all sites on internet and it includes website security too that website is effected by malware's or not or having malware inside or not , because attackers bring user to their malicious sites and then install their malware on their computers , sometime attacker hack others website and inject malware's into it so that when user visit that website then their computer can be effected by it. So to handle this problem that your website or some other website is safe to visit and free from malware Useotools team designed a one click tool that scan website with google malware scanner and show you result that its dangerous or safe to visit the site. Usage of this tool is simple just input website address and press submit button and you are good to go :).