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All in One QR Code Generator

What is QR Code?

Well the "QR" stands for "Quick Response" which mean code which can give quick access to information. The QR code is actually 2D version of barcode first invented in 1994 by Japanese company Denso Wave. The QR Code is primarily made of black and white pixel patterns. The maximum amount of information which can be encoded in QR code is 4000 characters. QR codes can be used to share various kind of information with users like links of websites, skype meetings, zoom meetings, phone number etc. Another Question raise that how can we read QR codes and extract information from it that what is in it? well to read QR codes there are free apps in app stores and also nowadays almost all phones are capable of reading QR code by default through the camera app. So you just need to open camera app in your smartphone and hover it over QR code and the phone will read it for you and will perform desire operation too like if it phone number in it then it will dial it for you and if its have WhatsApp or phone contact info then it will pass it to WhatsApp or phone contacts list.

What is Useotools All in One QR Code Generator?

Well useotools All in One QR Code Generator is one click tool that can generate variety of QR codes instantly in free without asking for any payment or registration etc. Currently our tool support QR Code generation for links, text sharing, E-mail, phone number, SMS, WhatsApp, skype, zoom meetings, wi-fi, v-cards, PayPal links, bitcoins address sharing etc. Usage of tool is very simple you just click the button first for which you want to generate QR code like if i want to share my website link with my friend then I would click the "link" button and then will input my website address and then there are various customizations options like color of QR code, design of QR code, Logo, frame etc. and once you done with customization click save button on left and then you will have option to download QR code in PNG, SVG and PDF formats.

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