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About HTML Decoder

What is Decoding?

Decoding is a word we use frequently in our daily conversations, so if you don't know what it means, it's excellent to know. Decoding really refers to the process of undoing what has been encoded or, to put it another way, the process of encoding in reverse. Since we are talking about HTML decoding, it follows that we will have HTML-encoded data that is difficult for people to understand, thus we must decode it. Special escape sequences like "<" and ">" will be substituted by "<" and ">" symbols, respectively, during the decoding process.

What is Online HTML Decoder?

The Online HTML Decoder from will automatically decode your encoded HTML data with only one click of the mouse. This tool was created with user privacy in mind, therefore the entire decoding process takes place at the user's end, making it entirely client-side. There are other HTML decoders that transfer data to their servers with the possibility that incomplete HTML web page designs are leaked in advance, so you do not need to worry that your HTML data will be sent to any server. To use this tool, simply copy and paste your encoded HTML data or load your encoded html file by clicking the blue "browse" button. Then, click the decode button. Once your data has been decoded, you have two options: either click the copy icon to copy the decoded data to your system's clipboard, where you can then paste it anywhere on your system, or click the download icon to automatically download it to your side. In our support forums, you can seek assistance if you run into any problems.

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