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About HTML Decoder

What is Decoding?

Well ya decoding is common word we heary in our daily lives, so its good to known that what decodin gactually means if you not know.Decoding actually means that undoing what is encoded or can say reverse process of encoding is called decoding.So here we are discussing HTML Decoding, so it mean that we will have html encoded data which is hardly understood by humans so to be understood by humans we must decode it.During decoding process sepcial escape sequences like "<" will be replaced by "<" symbols and ">" will be replaced by ">" symbol which we human can see and understand easily that they are less than and greater than symobls.

What is Useotools Online HTML Decoder?

Well Usetools Online HTML decoder is one click full automatic tool that will deocded your encoded HTML data instantly.This tool is designed by keeping in mind user privacy which mean that entire decoding process take place it user end mean that this tool operate 100% on client-side.So you do not have to worry that your HTML data will be sent to any server, because there are other HTML decoders which send data to their servers which have possiblity that unfinsihed HTML webpages designes are leaked in advance.Usage of this tool is prety simple just copy and paste your encoded html data or load your encoded html file by click blue "browse" button , after that click decode button and once your data is decoded you can click copy icon which will copy decoded data to your system clipboard and you then simply need to paste it somewhere on your system or you can click download button which will write your decoded on file and will be auto downloaded to yourside.If you face any issue you can ask for help in our support forums.