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About Keywords Position Scanner

What are Keywords?

Well to understand keywords it would be good to break it into pieace which will be Key and Words. So as the name suggests keywords , these are they words which are behind the search results of search engines. Search engines maintain huge database on their end categorized by website and to understand the keywords concept more clearly imagine that search engines are like tressure room in this room there are sub boxes in which websites are categorized. So when vistors come to that search engine and enter some word like SEO and when they press enter then search engine like google go to their sub boxes in which they have kept seo websites and then results are displayed to user :). So we can say that keywords play key role behind the search results displayed by search engines.

Benefits of Keywords?

Keywords have a lot of benefits like it helps search engines in categorizing your website like Useotools is about SEO so if i place SEO keyword on my webpages then search engines like google, yahoo, bing, yandex etc will know that this webpage is about SEO so it should be in SEO sites category and like that when vistor enter seo in search engine then your webpage will be displayed because its about seo and you told search engine earlier by place SEO keyword on webpage.

What is Useotools Keywords Position Scanner?

Useotools Online Keywords Position Scanner is free seo tools help you in checking your website in search engine webpages that in what depth of search engine result pages your webpage link appear. So the usage of the tool is way simple , you enter your website url in first field then below you enter keywords like if you have SEO keyword on your webpage then you add SEO keyword in 2nd field like that you add few more keywords which to your website, then finally select page number range from the select menu that in how many page of search engine we look for your website , let say you select 50 then our tool will look your website in first 50 result pages of search engine.

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