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About Online Ping Website Tool

What is Ping and its importance?

Ping is actually a query you across network.Pinging search engines is very important of top ranking sites because they are keep adding new contents to their sites for their users, also ping becomes important when you fear that someone may copy and paste your quality content on their site and get index first by search engines. ya this fear is correct, because its like you write easy and your friend copy from you but to teacher your friend show it first :) then you are label by teacher a copy cat and you get low marks while your friend get good grades :). So this happens in internet world too where quality content is copied by others and sometime the one who copied is index first by search engine because search engine find this new quality content first on his site.So to avoid this copy paste issue Useotools team designed this amazing premium qulaity tool with which you can ping search engines whenever you add new content your website so that when you add new content then in next 10 seconds search engine crawler have read and indexed it :).

How to use Useotools Online Ping Website ?

Useotools Online Ping Website is easy to use. Just follow below steps.

  • Enter your website URL it first field.
  • Enter your website name it second field.
  • Enter the webpage url where new content you added.
  • Enter RSS feed url of your site.