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About XML Sitemap Generator

What are Sitemaps?

Sitemaps are xml files that contain the URLs of your website's webpages. To further understand Sitemaps, consider city maps, which contain information about the city and its locations, and are used by new visitors to find locations in the city. A sitemap depicts the whole map of your website in this way, so that anytime a user or search engine sees your site, they are aware of it. So, what exactly are sitemaps and why are they important? Sitemaps are essential since they help search engines in crawling your website's pages, allowing them to be indexed and then displayed to people in search engines, resulting in increased traffic :). As a result, we may conclude that sitemaps play an important role in increasing site traffic.

What is Useotools XML Sitemap Generator?

Useotools XML Sitemap Generator is a free SEO premium tool that generates a sitemap for your website in one click. Because manually writing XML sitemaps is a time-consuming activity, our useotool.com team created a 100% free XML Sitemap Generator to help you acquire sitemaps quickly. So, how do you utilize this tool? It's fairly straightforward. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

In the first field, type your website's URL. Set the last modification date for your website, or ignore this step if you like. Change or update frequency. This is a crucial feature to consider, as it determines how frequently your webpages are updated or modified. For example, if you update your website weekly, you should choose weekly so that search engines visit your site on a weekly basis to look for fresh content. Then there's the priority factor, which is also critical, such as setting a high priority for the main page and a value of at least 0.5 for all other webpages. The next step is to determine how many pages to crawl, which indicates sitemap size. Google recommends that sitemaps have no more than 5000 URLs, thus you may determine sitemap size by how many URLs to crawl.

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