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About XML Sitemap Generator

What are Sitemaps?

Sitemap is xml files which contain your website webpages urls. To better understand Sitemaps take example of city maps which hold information about city and places inside it, so as new vistors use city maps to find places in city. Just like that sitemap represent entire map of your website so that whenever user or search engine vist your website they know about your website that sections in it. SO next question is what is importance of sitemaps? well sitemaps are very important because it helps search engine in crawling your website all pages so that they are indexed and then appeared to users in search engines and you get traffic :). So we can say that sitemaps play key role in boosting site traffic.

What is Useotools XML Sitemap Generator?

Useotools XML Sitemap Generator is free seo premium tool that generate sitemap for your website it one click , because its hard to write xml sitemaps manually , that's why our Useotool team comeup with 100% free xml sitemap generator so that you can get sitemaps easily. So next how to use this tool, well its pretty simple to use :) just follow below steps.

  • Enter your website URL it first field.
  • Set modification date that when your site is last modified or you can skip this step , its optional.
  • Change frequency this is very important factor , that how often your webpages are updated or can say changed , lets you update site weekly then you should choose weekly so that search engine visit your site on weekly bases for new content.
  • Then we have that priority factor which is also important like set high priority for home page and above 0.5 for other webpages.
  • Last step is how many pages to crawl , well it represent sitemap size normally google suggest that sitemap should not have more than 5000 urls , so you can set sitemap size by how many urls to crawl.