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What are DNS records?

Well DNS stands for Domain Name System and its one of the largest database on earth, it contain almost all information about websites on internet. Every website have IP (Internet Protocol) which represent its location in real world as well as DNS database. Your webserver response is guided by DNS records or zone files and so as these records play key role in funtionality of the internet. There are alot of type of DNS records however few important and common are listed below.

  • A record: A record is the basic record and A stands for Address and it represent actual 32 bit IP fo webserver.
  • AAAA record: AAAA is also address record like A record , however its for ipv6 128 bit IP of webserver.
  • CNAME record: CNAME record stands for "canonical name" and its used for reflecting subdomains on the same main domain.
  • NS record: NS record stands for "name server" and it shows which name server is authorative for the domain.
  • MX record: MX record stands for "mail exchange" and it shows list of mail exchange servers used by domain.

What is Useotools DNS Lookup tool?

Useotools DNS Lookup is one click tool that will search for DNS records for any domain in DNS database. Usage of this tool is simple, you just input domain address and press submit button and in few seconds our tool will search for dns records and will display it on result page.