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What are DNS Records?

Every website has a DNS database and an IP (Internet Protocol) address that identifies its location in the real world. DNS records, also known as zone files, are used to direct your web server's response, hence they are crucial to the operation of the internet. There are many different kinds of DNS records, but only a few essential and typical ones are described here. A record: The fundamental record, "A" stands for "Address" and denotes the real 32-bit IP address of a web server. AAAA record: The AAAA record is an address record similar to the A record, however it is for a web server's ipv6 128 bit IP address. CNAME record: Canonical Name, or CNAME, records are used to reflect subdomains on the same principal domain. NS record: The NS record, which stands for "Name Server," identifies the domain's authoritative name server. MX record: The MX record, which stands for "Mail Exchange," displays a list of the mail exchange servers employed by a domain.

What is Useotools.com DNS Lookup Tool?

With only one click, the DNS Lookup tool from Useotools.com can find DNS records for any domain in a DNS database. This tool's use is straightforward: after entering your domain address and pressing the submit button, our tool will quickly search for DNS records and display the results on the results page.

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