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What is Email Privacy and its importance?

Well Email Privacy mean that webmaster email are safe and are not exposed on webpage. If webmaster place its email address on webpage then its not good his privacy is exposed to outside world , there are a lot of online bot that keep scanning website webpages for email address and email are collected and stored in database , then these email address are sold to other companies for good amount of money and then you can tons of email into your mailbox and its very annoying too that everyday you login and you have hundreds of new unwanted mails in your mailbox that come from marketing companies to whom spammers have sold your mail address.

What is Useotools Email Privacy tool?

Useotools Email Privacy tool is one click tool that well check your webpage for any kind of email address which you may have mistakenly put there and which can be collected by mails bot. Usage of this tool is simple you just need to input your webpage address and submit then next our tool will scan entire webpage for email address, and if found it will display to you.