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What is Email Privacy and What is its Importance?

Email privacy refers to the fact that webmaster emails are secure and not shown on the website. It's not ideal for a webmaster's privacy to be revealed to the public if they post their email address on a webpage. Numerous online bots continuously scan website pages for email addresses, collecting and storing these addresses in databases before selling them to other businesses for a good price. As a result, you receive a ton of emails in your mailbox every day when you log in, many of which are marketing companies to which spammers have sold your email address. This is very annoying.

What is Email Privacy Tool?

With just one click, the Email Privacy tool from will scan your website for any email addresses that you could have accidentally included and that mail bots could use to acquire your contact information. You only need to enter your webpage address and hit the submit button to use this tool. Our program will search the whole webpage for email addresses and show them to you if any are discovered.

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