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About Words and Characters Counter

What is Words Counter and What is its Importance?

The online Words and Characters Counter from Useotools.com is a free premium quality online tool for counting words and characters in articles. The Useotools.com team designed this essential tool for content writers, creative writers, and all other authors. Content writing has become one of the highest-paying careers, and demand is growing daily as the amount of content on the internet grows. Duplicate material is frowned upon by search engines, which penalizes websites containing it. As a result, this tool can help content authors and webmasters figure out how long their article should be. Many freelancers who are paid on the basis of articles of a specified length, such as when their clients ask them to write articles of 250, 500, or 1000 words, will benefit from this tool. Furthermore, this application can assist students in effortlessly writing a defined number of words, as most teachers assign students to write 250 or 500 words on a given subject, for example, making word counting difficult. In such cases, Useotools online Words Counter tool can come in handy.

How to Use Useotools Online Words Counter?

The online Words Counter at Useotools.com is incredibly simple to use. Simply copy and paste your content into the text box, then click the big blue "Count Words" button. The rest is up to Words Counter, which will calculate the exact amount of words and characters.

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