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About Words and Characters Counter

What is Words Counter and its importance?

Useotools Online Words Counter is online free premium quality tool that have the ability to count words and characters in article , that how much words are in the article. So its helpful tool designed by Useotools team for articles rewriters because nowadays article rewriting is one of the highly paid job , and article rewriting demand is increasing day to day because of the of content increasing on internet and search engines do not like and rank website with duplicate content , so this tool can article rewriters and webmasters to know the exact length of the content they are posting that how much words it have and how many characters it have , also this tool can help alot freelancers as they are get paid on the bases of articles of specific number of words , like they are requeted by their clients to write article of 200 , 500 , 60o words article. Beside this tool can also help students in writing specfic number of words easys , because mostly they get assignements from teachers to write 250 words on specific subject so its hard to count words. So in such cases Useotools online words counter tools can be helpful.

How to use Useotools Online Words Counter ?

Useotools online Words Counter is very easy to use , you have just copy and paste your article in the text area then click big blue button "Count Words" :) and you are good to go it will display totla words and total characters.