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Acerca de Meta Tag Generator

What are Meta Tags?

First its good to know that what are Meta Tags? Well Meta tags are actually full picture of one webpage. They represent content of webpage , in short words meta tags provide summary of webpage. For example user visit/land on your website page then question arise how user will know that what about what is that page! it will be difficult to read entire page to know about page. So for this problem we have meta tags which provide short summary of webpage so that user and search engines know the subject or can say main theme of content on page. In meta tags we have title , keywords , description. Title is about webpage heading. Keywords are about webpage content and description is about short summary of what's inside page or what's the webpage about. You can check that your webpage have Meta tags or not through Useotools Meta Tags Analyzer or by right clicking on webpage and then click view page source. If you not see meta title , meta keywords , meta description then no need to worry, you are it right place use Useotools Meta tag Generator to create meta tags for your webpages.

Benefits of Meta Tags?

Meta tags are helpful in creating user and search engine friendly webpages. Meta tags can bring more visitors to your site because meta title and meta description are displayed by search engines in their search results , so when your webpage appear in search results then use will be able to read title of webpage and also short summary of webpage , so it will help users to find content for which they are looking.

What is Useotools Meta Tag Generator?

Useotools meta tags generators in one click simple to use meta tag generator. Just fill above fields like site title , site description , site keywords and fill optional fields if you want then you are good to go by click blue big button Generate meta tags :).

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