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About URL Redirect Checker

What is URL Redirect?

URL Redirect mean that you want users to visit another webpage when they land on specific url. Its like if you had shop in street 1 and after month you moved your shope to street 2 so when your customers visit your shope it street 1 it will be not there so best way is to redirect your customers from street 1 to street 2 through some notes board that shop is been moved to street 2. So that's called Redirection. So in web url redirection is needed when one part of web is moved to some where to another location then to redirect user to new location of webpage URL redirection is required.

What is Useotools URL Redirect Checker?

Useotools URL Redirect Checker is developed by Useotools team in order to facilitate users to check their url redirection that its search engine friendly or not because sometime invalid url redirection can cause loop which will effect site ranking in search engines. So to check that your url redirecting is correct and search engine safe you have just to input your webpage url in our tool and press submit then our tool will check and display its status that its good or bad.